What not to wear for yoga

A friend of mine is reportedly most unhappy with me.  Having recommended Ucci’s beginners’ courses to him, he turned up for his first class in a pair of baggy football shorts and I (allegedly, and most probably) looked disapproving.

‘Loose and comfortable’ is the common advice given to people wondering what to wear for their first yoga class.  But ‘how loose?’ is the question.  Yoga asanas require of us some unfamiliar postures. In an inversion, a loose top can reveal more than just the pound of flesh that Shylock was after and leave you thinking someone put the lights out.  In aesthetic terms, gravity isn’t kind, and comfort as well as dignity and warmth can be maintained by some light lycra, perhaps sported underneath your favourite kit.  But chaps, football shorts in dog tail or baddha konasana just aren’t kind to anyone nearby, least of all your teacher who is required to look at you to check that you’re positioned correctly. This concern only stretches to major parts of the anatomy. Really.

So I hereby apologise publicly for the offence caused by a fleeting (if rather chilly) look of disapproval.  But better than the alternative I’d say, for all concerned.  There’s no picture to go with this blog. Naturally.