about myoga

Once you discover the magic of yoga, you never want to look back. And there’s no doubt that going to class is the best way to learn and practise – in a safe and shared environment.

myoga is here to help you to do your yoga your way. We believe that yoga should be flowing, flexible and fun. And something that you should be able to adapt to your lifestyle and your needs – as they change.

As a starter, and in response to those who have asked many times about what they can do at home between classes, we’ve produced the myogamanual with an interactive index at www.myoga.net.  And you can use this to get the most from your practice at home.

Of course we have lots of ideas for other books, podcasts and products that will help you to make yoga part of your lifestyle. But we’d love to hear from you.  Visit our website (www.myoga.net) our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Myoga/109082825922529), read our blog posts and follow us on Twitter   (@myogalife). Then tell us what you like about yoga, what you don’t like (as if!) and what you would like.  And we’ll listen.

Lesley and Ucci

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