A marathon meeting

China Rose Tea

Despite what the tea pot says, the Chinese rose petal tea from Atkinson’s was readied for serious work. Seven and a half hours. That’s how long it took us to minute the following:

  1. We’re good at what we do but so are lots of other people
  2. Our story is about yoga being fun.  Some make serious business of it but we think people have enough to stress them without worrying about perfecting their Mayurasana
  3. We have products and markets but aren’t sure how to get them together now that corner shops have gone out of fashion (yes, yes, we tweet, FB and blog, but being over 27 we’re not yet entirely sure how these replace the string shopper)
  4. We have loads of good ideas for more fun Myoga products but until we master 3 (above), we really can’t justify developing them
  5. People are very busy and we have to do (even) more hard work
  6. It’s a challenge to get others to be as passionate about your stuff as you are
  7. The receipt tin is full to overflowing and we have to start some proper accounts
  8. We don’t know if the sweet chilli prawn wrap from Dene’s Deli is better than the crab and mango but we love chocolate fudge cake and Doddington’s vanilla ice cream.


I am reminded of a recent FB posting of ours:

“Do you have the patience to wait until your mind settles and the water is clear?”
Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?”  Lao Tzu.

So, do we fret, stress, turn ourselves inside out with anxiety and and continue to fight the urge to fold up quietly in a corner with a blanket over our heads or do we follow the wisdom of the masters who have brought us the gift of yoga and wait for the right action to arise?  It just has to be the latter. Nothing else would make sense – except, perhaps for the rest of the Doddington’s that’s lurking in the freezer . . .




A is for . . .

image ehow.com

image ehow.com

It’s almost here at last – our next board meeting – and it’s been a long time coming, what with all the external demands made on our time, and having to lie down on our own mats sometimes with a sprinkling of fairy dust.  We’re a small board, admittedly, but a board nevertheless, and tomorrow we have a very long agenda to get through. From accounts to yoga pants, we’ll give the alphabet a run through although, as you’ll see, not in any order.

M is for money. We have to remind ourselves of this.  We have cash cards that look like it but we also have a full tin labelled ‘receipts for money we used to have’. It’s in short supply.

Coincidentally, M is also for marketing and we’ll talk about this quite a lot – what’s worked and what hasn’t. With more of the latter probably.  We really need a way to get people to understand our products and what they represent.  But it’s a B hard world out there in the ether.

So, U is for understanding.  Bill Gates once famously said that it’s OK to celebrate success but you learn more from failure (or something like that).   So F is for failure but we don’t even contemplate that possibility because . . .

. . . A is for attitude and we believe that a positive A doesn’t leave room for F.

C is perhaps the most important letter tomorrow because, of course, it stands for . . . cake! At last! And as Lent is over, it can be Chocolate Cake.  Mmmm, CC also stands for cold calling, cost-control and credit crunch.  Oh dear.

Afterwards, we’ll share some of our thoughts with you in the hope that like minds and businesses would like to do the same. After all, a P shared is a P halved, even if we do have to call them challenges these days.