Food for thought . . .

The other day, I walked into a shop on a petrol station forecourt looking for the usual coffee vending machine.  Finding it gone, and a range of greeting cards in its place, I chose a cold drink and as I paid for it, commented on the change to the sales assistant. I was met by a look of bemusement and a finger that pointed behind me.  In search of my usual cup of coffee, I had inadvertently walked past the new, and possibly biggest, vending machine in the world – and a well-known brand (that I won’t advertise here).

Apart from making me feel very foolish, the incident cause me to wonder how much else I miss in life when I’m hurrying, busy, focused, on a mission . . . whatever you’d like to call it.  Sometimes we read statements in the press that tell us, for example, that we spend around 6 months of our lives in a queue or 38 hours a year stuck in traffic.  How much of my life do I spend, I wonder, missing out on what’s around me – 30%, 40%, more than half?  Food for thought . . .


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