What part of ‘Namaste’ is it you don’t understand . . .?


Yoga being about unity, we’re all supposed to understand (and teachers more than anyone perhaps) that its gifts will be better distributed through community.  Here in Newcastle, yoga teachers are starting to get together so that we can find out about each other’s classes and work collaboratively, sharing practice and recommending to practitioners the best classes for them.  In this way we can make sure that there’s a class for everyone and that we can all work together.

How sad then to hear of a teacher knowingly disregarding this union by invading personal and teaching space with no attention to the respect for oneself and others that yoga actively generates.  If we can’t achieve community and collaboration through yoga, what hope for everything else?

Although we mustn’t forget that ‘Namaste’ has a range of meanings, it is generally accepted as acknowledgement of respect, in both greeting and farewell.  Let’s remember, then, every time we bow or speak it, to recognise respect – and then to walk the talk.


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