Being Green(ish)

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We’re still a very little start-up business but we’re trying to be ‘green’ and to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.  We’ve published our first book and all our suppliers have been local to the City. We’ve used paper only from sustainable resources, and as little of it as possible. And we’re just embarking on a fair trade project with Marzipants.  We’re publishing the MyogaManual as an iBook soon (once the grim and painstaking reformatting is done) and are looking at an audio book/CD for our next publication.  And pretty much all of our marketing is done via the web.  Smugness isn’t something that sits well with yogis but we thought we were getting it right – at least a bit.

But now I read that the power consumption of one Google search is equal to half that needed to make a pot of tea (a figure contested by Google of course) and someone’s avatar in second life (and I tried this once so I know what it’s about) uses as much energy as a real-life Brazilian!  Well I don’t know about you but I’ve yet to see a carbon footprint calculator that asks you to include browsing and parallel living in the estimate of the number of planets we each consume.

So, what to do?  No bloomin’ idea. But I’m pleased to say that, as it’s Thursday again tomorrow, the afternoon will see us easing off on Google and using our quota of energy to heat the tea.  And if we have more ‘board meeting’ cake, I’ll post a photo, wondering how much energy that consumes. And I used to think the biggest problem was the kilojoule . . .


2 thoughts on “Being Green(ish)

  1. My brain hurts now…. Avatars? Second life? And I don’t fancy a Brazilian, thank you; painful, apparently. Board meeting cake sounds ok, though. Soldier on, Greenie friend. x

  2. Oh dear Rachel, I didn’t make the Brazilian connection! How I’m laughing now that you’ve pointed it out – I imagine it would generate quite a lot of energy; shouting ‘Ouwwchhhhh’ usually does x

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