Our first partnership

Newcastle Upon Tyne-20130228-00337

We’re very excited today.  As you can see from the visual guide to our austere existence, we had another board meeting yesterday.  (There really is nothing like a cup of tea and some cake to oil the wheels of commerce) and we visited the lovely Sutra Teahouse in Newcastle www.teasutra.co.uk. (Thank you, Amora, for recommending.) But that’s not why we’re excited.

We’d just been to a great lunch meeting with yoga teachers from all over the city -to get to know each other, find out about the different kinds of yoga we offer (or can offer), and work together in a spirit of community.  Thank you. Jo Hutton, for organising this.  And after the buzz we got from stepping outside ourselves and into the greater world of sharing, we continued the theme by celebrating our first business partnership – with Maree Gecks at Marzipants (www.marzipants.co.uk).

Marzipants sell luxurious, ethically-made, Thai pants, perfect for yoga, from their fair-trade workshop in India, and the first myogamarzipants will be on our shelves (and our website) really soon. We’ll be offering these as a gift to our partner teachers who sell or give myogamanuals to their yoga followers to support their practice. So if you think you’d like to promote the manual for us (no matter where in the English-speaking world), as well as Marzipants, come and share in our excitement and sport some of the coolest yoga wear this Summer!


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