You and Yours


I’ve been reading a lot of marketing ‘stuff’ lately and find that the more times we can put ‘you’ and ‘yours’ into our marketing  messages, the more people will read  them.  Well, this isn’t great news for a business called myoga, even if our strapline is ‘Your yoga, Your way‘.   So how’s this?

“Once you buy your MyogManual, it will be yours.  We wrote it for you so that you can make your practice your own and change it whenever you need to.  You can take it with you wherever you go and make sure that your practice really delivers for you – every time you roll out your mat.” (15 instances)

Or maybe, in the yoga world, we’re really not as interested in ourselves as we are in the wider world to which we belong, and myoga is a great name!

Comments will be welcomed with delight.  If anyone would like to contribute to my ramblings I will be (a) wiser  (b) better connected (c) truly, deeply grateful AND (d) sure that I’m not just blogging to myself.



2 thoughts on “You and Yours

  1. No, Lesley, you aren’t just blogging to yourself – but it does take time to amass readers with something to say. I look back on my first year of posts and wonder how I kept going, with almost no feedback at all! Don’t despair; it will happen…. x

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