In his book entitled ‘Work’, Thich Nhat Hanh talks of business models and of the need to balance the pursuit of profit with the search for happiness.

We had a board meeting today over soup and rye bread (not very mindfully eaten I’m sorry to say).  Business is quiet at the moment so happiness is precariously balanced between states of rational acceptance and terror.  Post seasonal holidays and the depths of an economic recession conspire to keep consumer spending, and sales, to a minimum.

Profit without happiness,  Thich Nhat Hanh says, is pointless.  (Well, it may be in the longer term but I can see a point in it just at the moment, to be honest, and so can the bank.)  Conversely, happiness alone, that hedonistic state sought by so many, isn’t going to bring home the bacon.

Balance therefore (that precarious state between two opposite forces) is where we need to be at.  So it’s a happy fact that we’re not out to make vast fortunes (and opportune that our bank manager isn’t following this blog!).  But, being yogis, it’s more than a matter of luck that we’re happy.

So we’re out to disprove that profit and happiness are, indeed, opposing forces and we’re going to let go of fear and allow our happiness create a business venture that meets our, and others’ needs.  This is either naiiviety or wisdom but you’re going to have to keep following to find out which.


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