Choices, choices (well, one)


There comes a time in all businesses when you have to decide whether or not to borrow money from a bank, and it’s not an enticing prospect. It’s a big deal – up there with buying or renting and leaving the safety of a salary for the precariousness of self-employment. And decision-making is much harder when there’s more than one of you and you have to add to your ambivalence the uncertainty of making the right choice for your partner. 

So we’ve decided to toss a coin.  Seriously. This will avoid anxious days and sleepless nights spent wondering if the decision we made was the right one, and neither of us will be able to blame the other if it turns out to be wrong.  And we’ll be contributing to global research that will make us better decision-makers in the future. So it’s not a cop-out, it’s a kind of insurance. Honest.

Before you simply write us off as irrational and even irresponsible (we are, after all, the decisions we make and we don’t want you to think badly of us) visit and join the happy band of vacillators playing this game.  Steve Levitt, the author and founder of the idea, claims that any choice you make is, in the end, no more than the flip of a coin, and is aiming to prove (or disprove) his theory.

So if you have an important decision to make, let the Freakonomics guys flip the coin for you.  We’re going to.


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