truly, everything is suffering

AMAZON side angle 2

Yoga texts teach us that we’re all one – part of and not separate from our environment.  And modern science confirms this.  According to Professor Brian Cox, it seems that we are, indeed, no more than little creatures of carbon, once part of subterranean rock, having the same energy sources as mouldy bread and sharing 60% of our DNA with chickens (ponder that next time you see a family bucket of KFC).

So you might be forgiven for thinking that, intelligent creatures into which we have evolved, we could have developed our man-made world along the same lines?  Apparently not.  With the task of creating the MyogaManual as an iBook, my latest technological challenge is one where publishing software in the printed world has absolutely nothing in common with that for provided the electronic one.  I could therefore spend the next 5 years of my life trying to upload existing files into their entirely new environment with all the formatting errors and incompatibilities that would entail. Or I could just re-type and re-image the entire publication.

Ah well, as Brian Cox sang in an earlier incarnation “Things can only get better . . .” And if my karma’s good, he’s right. I love this world really.


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