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Setting up a business is one thing but starting an online business is quite another.  Of course, we have a website . . . and a Facebook page . . .  and (proudly), we Tweet.  But really we weren’t prepared for the hard stuff. The back office of the virtual world (and I’m not talking programming, the really techie stuff) is a bewildering world of Gravatars, RSS feeds, tags and meta tags; bookmarks, rankings and keyword density.  Such is the result of a global marketplace where we have to compete with everyone else in the world.  And in the midst of all of this I’m trying to remain calm, mindful and grounded. Fat chance.

But, of course, there is help at hand.  There are apps out there that will play relaxing music and whisper softly to me when I can’t find a way to change the website’s navigation or, dare I say it, master Word Press. Some can even measure my heart rate and blood pressure to let me know how bad a day I’m really having (like I wouldn’t know anyway).  And there are other apps to help me to be better organised and achieve more (with less of course) but really they just leave me feeling entirely inadequate.

I’ve yet to find an app that can go to the Post Office for me or make a steaming cup of Chinese rose tea – both of which would contribute to a quality of life befitting a yogi.

I’ve put ‘corner shop’ on the agenda for the next board meeting.


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