myoga launches

The stand V1_2

After a year or more of long days, longer evenings and even longer working weekends, myoga launched at The Yoga Show in the Autumn.  We went for the low key option – no champagne reception, very short speeches, and not a balloon in sight. But we had a bright stand and it attracted lots of lovely people who shared in our excitement and our enthusiasm for the myogamanual.  There’s nothing quite like a new adventure to fire the blood and we quite forgot we were there ‘on business’ opting for social networking mode. Far more fun.

Over tea and toast at the review meeting, an ‘after-party’ glow remained, although it has to be said that it didn’t extend to the accounts.  We thought of lots of ways in which we could have cut our operating costs, and pondered new concepts like ‘return on investment’ and ‘contribution’. Then we visualised a day, some time in the future, when the difference between our income and expenditure would be profit.

But no-one makes money at the start, do they?  We were there. At The Yoga Show.  With all the other yoga movers and shakers. And that was important. No-one can buy from you if they don’t know you exist. Can they . . ?

If you want a close-up of the goodies we had on our stand, visit


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